How to use or how to rig an ACL or JDF fishing bait head.

Bait Head Rigging

O'Ki Anchovy and Herring, death roll bait heads.
ACL Anchovy Classic and JDF Juan de Fuca
Size: 1½" x ½" x ¾"
Weight : 2 grams
Target Species: Pacific Salmon
Freshwater species: Untried in many areas.
Fishing style: Slow troll, weighted or downrigger.

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Both styles of heads are designed to be attached at the head of a herring, minnow, bait fish or anchovy. Both styles enhance the bait action in slightly differing actions such as a tight, revolving or rolling action. The action is similar to that of a wounded fish that has proven to stimulate predatory feeding. A normal roll will revolve at 1 to 2 times per second. Bait fish from 4 to 7 inches (10 to 18 centimeters) can be used. Frozen baits must be thawed before using.

A: Rigging the Anchovy Classic Head
Slide the hook down 5-6 inches (13 cm) away from the head. Place the head of the bait fish snugly into the cavity of the plastic head making sure the back of the bait is on the same side as the leader exit hole. See Fig. 1


B: Inserting the Plastic Pin
With bait held tightly into head cavity, insert the plastic pin into the large back hole. Round or flat toothpicks can be used in the smaller hole if required.

C: Placing the Hook
While holding the bait fish, insert the hook into the side of the bait below the rear of the dorsal fin. Set the hook in dark area with the hook shank lying flush against the bait . See Figure #2


D: Pulling the Curve
Hold the plastic head in one hand & carefully pull a curve into the bait (towards the hook side). The curve should be "even" below the hook. If the bait does not revolve or for slower trolling - pull additional curve into the bait. If the bait revolves to quickly or for faster trolling - hold the plastic head with one hand while pulling back on the hook with the other hand. This will decrease the curve in the bait. To obtain the perfect roll ~ slight adjustments may be required. Sample your bait at your correct trolling speed. As you dip your gear below the surface, study the roll of the bait. If you are using the Bait Head in conjunction with a flasher, the leader length will also affect the action.


E: The toothpick

In order to hold the correct curve in the bait, a rear line bolster in the head acts as a tension device (area to jam the line) . The line travels through the bolster and at this point is designed to accept a simple wooden toothpick. When the tapered toothpick is pushed into the hole running parallel & beside the line it creates enough hold or tension to stop the hook from pulling the bait. The toothpick is crucial to keep the hook back at the center of the bait fish. Once inserted, the toothpick should be broken off flush with the bolster. (Troll the bait from the nose, not from the hook) Replacement toothpicks should be kept as these are frequently replaced.

Special Tips:
Brining your bait in ultra violet and or herring oils overnight can increase your luck.
Always use firm, straight, bright bait, keep moist & cold
Keep the toothpicks dry until you use them.
Keep hooks sharp.
For best results, use behind a OK'i Big Shooter, Lil Shooter or Kingfisher Flasher.
Many seasoned fishermen have found that a common semi stiff 19 gauge wire can be applied through 2 additional machined holes in the bait head. The wires would be long enough to run the length or there about of the bait. The wires can be manipulated in a manner that would bend or arc the bait to enhance the roll & trolling action.

These heads have been made by injection molding machines using tried & true materials. The selection of lure enhancements include ultra violet, chrome plating & glow in the dark. Color schemes on most of the heads are custom airbrushed in layers with the best, modern & long lasting paints. The production of these is done in the OK'i Mfg in Sidney, British Columbia.

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OKi Juan de Fuca JDF heads

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