Rigging tips for soft plastic fishing lures.

EZ Siwash Rig

Components : Siwash 4/0 Hook • 2/0 SS Swivel • Octo Hootchie
Step 1 : Attach swivel to hook & plyer the hook eye closed.
Step 2 : Cut nose off Octo Hootchie.
Step 3: Poke hole through Octo Hootchie nose with something sharp (the hook).
Step 4: Wet the swivel & install into the Octo Hootchie as shown.
Step 5: Troll behind a flasher.

EZ Mono Rig - 1½" to 8½" Octo Hootchie

Components : Octo Beak Hook • Mono Line • IOTA Beads • Octo Hootchie
Step 1 : Cut nose and poke hole through Octo Hootchie.
Step 2 : Add a series of beads to space the hook back.
Step 3: Tie hook on (suggest uni snell knot).
Step 4: Cut leader leaving enough length to hook up to a flasher (40" to 50").
Step 5: Troll behind a flasher.

We have found a great resource for illustrated fishing knots:

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