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For fisherman who build their own tackle.

Examples of 1.5" Kokanee hoochies available from Supertackle:
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Supertackle Kokanee hoochies

  Supertackle hoochies are all made of soft plastics which have a measured amount of ultra violet colors added. These are tube type baits and are easily rigged with beads and a hook or two in tandem. An action enhancer such as a Wigglefin, flasher, dodger or spinner is suggested.

Supertackle also sells medium and high glow rigging beads that make it easy to adjust the appearance and hook position. Click on the image to see what is available.

Supertackle Kokanee beads

  Lake trolls are a very effective way to attract fish to your lure. They also can add action to a lure if a short leader is used. Click on the image to see what is available.

Supertackle Kokanee beads

  The speed of trolling, leader length and fishing depth are things that need to be tested for success. The use of chain or roller swivels will stop the line from twisting up into a mess. Tipping the hook with a worm, bait or cured shoepeg corn is common but check the fishing regulations first.

Kokanee trout caught on a hoochie lure

A customer sent us pictures of his trolling rigs with bead, clevis and spinner set up.
If you are tying up quick change leaders we suggest using a pool noodle to leader board your tackle. Use a quick release clip on the leader to make lure changing a lot quicker.

Hoochie fishing rigs made for catching trout

   The 1.5" octo hoochies also make excellent casting spinner baits for catching smaller saltwater fish species.
Fishing tackle crafting made easy. Laser, glitter and multi pattern enhancements. We would suggest trying these behind a Micro Fishing Flasher.

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