Magic Lure Fishing Tackle by Brian Francis

Magic Lure Products by Brian Francis


  Magic Lure products are made in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. "Salmon Slayer" lead jigs and "PAL" trolling spoons are manufactured using the best materials available. Designed for west coast fishing for halibut, salmon and cod.

   Brian started his commercial fishing career in 1975 and was based out of the coastal town of Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island. He held many types of commercial fishing licenses over a 11 year span in the industry. Over those years as a commercial fisherman Brian developed many fishing lures to increase the odds of catching fish. He became known as the guy who made Magic Lures. Brian's original Magic Lure was a lead jig that he designed to catch large species of west coast Cod. The lure caught the attention of many locals and he started to produce them upon request.

   The Magic Lure became popular and Brian expanded his tackle building to target Chinook Salmon and the large Pacific Halibut. The salmon Magic Lure jig was the perfect lure for fishing faster tides and currents on the west coast. The balance of the lure was perfect for the Pacific Princess charter boat operators based out of Ucluelet BC. For many years each and every charter in the Pacific Princess fleet was outfitted exclusively with Magic Lure jigs.

  In 2010 Brian purchased the old PAL (Ed Palliser) fishing spoon manufacturing equipment. The barn find included the mammoth stamping machines, dies, molds and terminal equipment. PAL was started in the early 1930's and supplied the west coast trolling fleet with salmon trolling spoons from 1940's to 1994. In 1994 the estate went into storage for many years before Brian found it along with thousands of pieces of new old stock inventory.
   The condition of most of the stamping dies was deplorable, rusted together and worn out. Most of the stamping anvils require a restoration process of welding, grinding and polishing. Famous PAL west coast troller spoons are now or will be available in the near future under the Magic Lure brand. Names include Superior, P1A, P2B, P3C, Diamond Lance and Katchmore are available in many sizes.

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