5" Jughead HOOCHIE Shaker GLOW COP CAR Salmon Lure

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Jughead Cop Car Hoochie Rig for salmon fishing
Manufacturer: JugHead
UV: ¤
Glow: ¤¤¤
UPC: 835749000536

5" Jughead HOOCHIE Shaker GLOW COP CAR Salmon Lure

Designed for salmon and halibut trolling in the pacific northwest. The skirt is black over a glow white belly. Dressed with disco glitter insert. 4/0 siwash hook on a multilink swivel.

Line is 40 pound mono with sufficient leader to join to a flasher or dodger.

The Jughead will swim the lure and is designed for salmon trolling. For best results we suggest using the downrigger trolling method.

Head can be removed and be used as a herring teaser to give a swim action.

$6.18 CAD / 9 available

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