#299 O'Ki ACL luminous TIGER PRAWN anchovy bait heads 3/pk

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Tiger Prawn glow in the dark bait head by OKi for salmon fishing.
Manufacturer: O'Ki
UV: ¤¤¤¤
Glow: ¤¤¤
UPC: 779160662990

#299 O'Ki ACL luminous TIGER PRAWN anchovy bait heads 3/pk

Glow in the dark, anchovy classic bait rig by OKi.
These heads have been made by injection molding machines using tried & true materials. The color schemes on the heads are custom airbrushed in layers with the best, modern & long lasting paints. The production of these is done in the OK'i Mfg in Sidney, British Columbia.

Size: 1½" x ½" x ¾"
Weight : 2 grams
Target Species: Pacific Salmon
Freshwater species: Untried in many areas.
Fishing style: Slow troll, weighted or downrigger.

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