Magic Lure 1.5 oz BLUE & WHITE Flutterby lead jig

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Magic Lure, blue and white, 1.5 ounce jigging and casting lure
Manufacturer: Magic Lure Products
UV: ¤
Glow: ¤
UPC: 610079661943

Magic Lure 1.5 oz BLUE & WHITE Flutterby lead jig

1.5 Oz // 42 Gram
3½" // 14 cm
Blue over White

Made by Magic Lure Products in Port Alberni BC Canada

Designed as a jigging lure for all types of medium predators such as salmon, greenling, cod and bass.

The treble hook is of high quality Mustad bronzed and are barbed. Depending on your location the hook may need to be changed if regulations dictate.

The paints are durable and will take a beating

$5.52 CAD / 4 available

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