4.5" Skinny Boy Glow 026 Casper

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Supertackle Skinny Boy fishing lure, hootchie or hoochie. Also known as a needlefish or squirt. Designed for salmon fishing and widely used by both sport and commercial fishermen. These are used behind a flasher or dodger with a downrigger trolling. This particular model is ultra violet and glows in the dark. It's part number is 026 Casper
Manufacturer: Supertackle
UV: ¤¤¤¤
Glow: ¤¤¤
UPC: 608729847717

4.5" Skinny Boy Glow 026 Casper

Milky white glow Skinny Boy hoochie fishing squid. Supertackle's best representation of Sand Lance and Needlefish patterns. Hollow tube type soft plastic Salmon fishing bait. Ultra violet enhanced to increase visibility at deeper trolling depths. Proven effective for most species of salmon and bottom dwelling fish.
Easily rigged with beads or lead and a hook. These fishing lures do not have any action and require a flasher & downrigger setup to be successful. The success rate is similar and sometimes better than frozen herring bait. If Sandlance or Needlefish are spawn in your area in the sand, this is our best recommendation.

$4.45 CAD / 162 available

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