6" - EZ Rig squid, #16 Goblin, jig or troll fishing lure

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Supertackle EZ Rig Goblin #16, B2, Squid
Manufacturer: Supertackle
UV: ¤¤¤
UPC: 608729846284

6" - EZ Rig squid, #16 Goblin, jig or troll fishing lure

This Supertackle EZ Rig fishing lure is soft and gummy with a predesigned line hole in the nose. It has a similar texture to squid or octopus. The thickness of the body was fabricated using a solid injection mold.
The cavity inside the lure has a diameter of ½" by 2½" long. The cavity can be used to hold a variety of embellishments such as an LED flasher, chum, glow beads or a weight.
These are a universal lure that can be trolled or jigged depending on the style of rigging.
Typical fishing applications are Halibut, Cod, Bass, Salmon and Shark.

$3.64 CAD / 324 available

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