Lighthouse 7 color Rainbow LED fishing lights Sz M 2/pk

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Mini LED 7 color by Lighthouse lures.
Manufacturer: Lighthouse Lures
UV: ¤¤¤¤¤
Glow: ¤¤¤¤¤

Lighthouse 7 color Rainbow LED fishing lights Sz M 2/pk

Intense 7 color rainbow LED Hoochie sequential flash strobe light. The LED Unit has a sequence of colored rainbow display followed by a strobe event that flashes a succession of bright colors. Water activated, auto shut off. These 7 color LED's use more power and the service life is approximately 20 to 30 hours. Non serviceable sealed battery unit.

Designed for inserting inside a transparent or semi transparent soft plastic fishing hoochie or EZ rig squid. Size of cylinder is .4" x 2" / 11 mm x 54 mm. There is 2 line guides are about 1.5mm or 0.070" . 150 pound or less mono line size.

The 2 metal probes at the end of the unit also create a minute amount of voltage.

The light units are also useful to attract crabs and lobsters to a trap. These can also be clipped to a flotation device or PFD for safety and easier locating a floating in the dark.

These will fit tight in a 4.75" or 6.5" Supertackle fishing hoochie or Get Reel.

They fit nicely in the 4" and up octo hoochie or 6" EZ rig B2 squid.

We strongly advise to not to put in your mouth or allowing a child to play with one of these. The diameter is of choking size! Please keep locked in your tackle box.

$10.29 CAD / 15 available

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