L'il Nib .75 oz HUMPY SPECIAL lead jigging lure

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Humpy special salmon fishing lead jig lure.
Manufacturer: Lil Nib
UV: ¤¤¤¤¤

L'il Nib .75 oz HUMPY SPECIAL lead jigging lure

Super ultra violet pink.
Salmon and bottom fish jigging lure made of the best materials available.
Designed by J Noble of Nanaimo BC Canada. The L'IL NIB lure is tuned with a factory shape & is ready to fish.

Lure body 2.25 " // 6 cm
Weight is .75 Oz // 21 grams

Packaging in a reusable sliding blister pack.
Hook is an Eagle Claw chrome barbed siwash.
Hook is attached with a split ring.

Fishing instructions on reverse of package.

$4.42 CAD / 3 available

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