Jughead Shakers salmon trolling fishing lures.

Jughead Shakers for Sale

Light weight, terrific action, proven salmon trolling fishing lures.
Tie to a flasher & go!
Top quality manufacturing, tandem hooks and 30 pound mono leader.
Durable plastics and Tinsil mylar inserts.
UV and or glow in the dark skirts.

Nano 3.5" - Needlefish 4.5" - Hoochie 4.5" to 5" - Squid 6.5"

8 Patterns of 3.5" Jughead Nano's for trout, Kokanee and salmon available.

8 Patterns of Jughead 4.5" Needlefish for trout and salmon available.

12 Patterns of 4.5" to 5" Jughead salmon hoochies available.
Jughead salmon trolling hoochie fishing lures

Supertackle carries a full inventory of Jughead Shakers
Inventory of Jughead Shakers salmon fishing lures.

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