How to rig Permastrip and other hard plastic fishing lures

How to rig O'Ki Perma-Strip salmon fishing lures.

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Perma Strip salmon fishing lure small version

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Perma Strip salmon fishing lure large version

  Hard plastic trolling lures are designed to resemble a wounded baitfish that will attract larger predatory fish such as salmon. The swim of the lure is controlled by boat speed, current, leader length and other factors. The lure can be trolled by itself led by a weight. A more popular method for deep waters would require a downrigger and flasher setup. The action and speed of the lure will need to be varied depending on the type of fish you are targeting.

O'Ki Permastrip instructions:
  For best results, select a body color and reflector combination that best suits the conditions and type of fish present.

  Larger slower swimming (such as Spring or Chinook salmon) prefer slower acting lures - in this case the large (5.5") Perma-Strip should be used.

  Conversely, smaller, faster swimming fish (such as Coho) should be fished with the faster acting (3.75") size.

  The desired roll for your Perma-Strip should be about 1 or 2 times per second. The rate at which the strip rolls is regulated by: boat speed, hook size, line size and the choice of *rear line exit (large size only)

  The rate of roll can be changed by increasing the amount of bend and twist in the lure body. Placing the Perma-Strip in hot water will allow you to alter the bend angle. Bend or twist angle of the lure will change the swim drastically.

  Using the line exit hole near the front of the large size will give a tighter and faster roll while trolling. Using the rear line exit hole will give a wide arcing, slow rotation roll.

  The largest arc with slow rotation is achieved by exiting the line from the SIDE or rear line exit hole rather than continuing and coming out of the top.

  Perma-Strips are best fished by themselves on longer leaders and are a nice lure to use on light gear from a Kayak, canoe or rowboat. The lure is versatile to be used in conjunction with a dummy flasher or directly behind a flasher with a long leader.

  The trolling flasher of choice would be the O'Ki Big Shooter or Lil Shooter with a leader length of 5 feet. If you increase the bend of the lure, the leader length will need to be altered to qualify a successful lure action.

  Presentation of a lure is the most important key to success. Troll the lure next to the boat and observe the action of the lure. Altering the speed of the boat while watching the lure action will allow you to tune the roll to represent a wounded baitfish. If you are in a tidal area, the direction of the current versus the direction and speed of the boat will need to be adjusted to accommodate the presentation.

  Changing the leader length will determine the success of the lure. The leader length is the distance of line between the lure and the leading terminal which will be either a weight or a flasher. The lure is designed to rotate so it is important to have a bead chain swivel placed in sequence to prevent the line from twisting.

Perma Strip fishing instructions

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