6.5" - Get Reel - Set 3

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Manufacturer: Supertackle

6.5" - Get Reel - Set 3

Moby Dick
Cop Car - Glow in the Dark
Army Truck - Glow in the Dark
032 - Adder
1183 Hail Mary x 2
085 Hang 10

Hollow tube type soft plastic fishing bait. Ultra violet enhanced to increase visibility at deeper trolling depths. Proven effective for most species of salmon and bottom dwelling fish. Easily rigged with beads or lead and a hook.
Proven on the west coast for large salmon and halibut. The body style has no swim action and would require a fishing flasher when being trolled. Fishing successfully with a flasher setup would also require a downrigger and release system.
Jigging methods and rigging would be determined by the target species and the type of underwater terrain. We would suggest the use of a spreader bar with a weight to jig for bottom fish.
Bulk package, not in retail packaging.

$11.49 CAD / 1 available

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