Army Tank LureCharge .65 volt  4"  salmon fishing spoon

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Manufacturer: Lure Charge
UV: ¤
UPC: 730669431517

Army Tank LureCharge .65 volt 4" salmon fishing spoon

Lure Charge trolling spoon. Patent pending - voltage tuned.
Works for both fresh or salt water.

Spoon features
• 4 Inch Blade
• American made painted metal blade
• 100% stainless steel swivels and rings
• Gamakatsu barbed nickel siwash 4/0 salmon hook.
• Lure Charge tuned .65 voltage bi-metal bead.
• Patterned on both sides
• Pattern is fish scale decal chameleon green , red strip, chrome
• Blister packed for retail

How does this work?
A matched metal sacrificial anode of a specific alloy ensures electrical continuity through the entire length of the lure. The combination of metals within the lure creates a tuned .65 galvanic cell. It is proven that positive or negative electric fields around a fishing boat or lure will either attract or offend predator fish.

Lure Charge voltage will vary mainly with the use of different lure metals, anodes and mineral content of the water. The Lure Charge team has completed the research and development on each lure and the tuning of .65 volts is the average attraction for salmon and trout. The positive voltage created also bleeds power into the surrounding area at a distance that varies with certain natural conditions.

Most commercial fishermen that troll for salmon will have a black box device to electrically tune their boat. Lure Charge is an alternate method to ensure that the correct voltage will be achieved.

Your boat can't catch fish? It may be offending the fish with a negative electrical charge. Give "Lure Charge" a try!

• This lure is tuned! Many fishermen tend to change the hook to their preferred style. Doing so on this Lure Charge may alter the voltage.
• Keep the lure clean, dry and isolated in the tackle box.
• These lures become slightly magnetized, this is normal.

$10.55 CAD / 6 available

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