L'il Nib salmon fishing tackle.

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L'il Nib Fishing Lures

Choices of photoluminescent, silver or gold tape.
Eagle Claw hooks, barbed treble type.
Seaworthy, durable multi layer coatings.
Ultra violet red gill paint.

Examples of Lil Nib lead fishing jigs

Casting and jigging lures for salmon and bottomfish.

Lil Nib fishing lures  

 L'il Nib Lures are the invention of John Noble of Nanaimo B.C. Canada. He is known as the slack tide specialist in the Pacific Northwest. The lures are awesome for salmon and bottom fish predators in reef and shore fishing.

Lil Nib fishing lure profile

Lure specifications:
Molded lead body
Factory shaped with precision bends.
Decal applications of silver - gold fish scale prism or a high glow white.
The neon red gill paint is high ultra violet.
Hooks that come with the lure are Eagle Claw, chrome plated, barbed trebles.
Heavy duty split ring.
Packaging is a hard shell reusable blister pack.
Paints are multiple layer, double & triple color.
Eyes are 3D plastic insets.

L'il Nib Fishing Lures For Sale on

¾ Ounce L'il Nib

Humpy Special - Hot pink

2 Ounce L'il Nib: Click Here

Irish Mint - ultra violet green & white
Casper - white
Night Stalker - black and white
Green Ghost - dark green and white
Storm - purple haze and white
Hugh's Special - green, ultra violet chartreuse and white
Spring Slayer - highly ultra violet red and white

3.3 Ounce L'il Nib: Click Here

Irish Mist silver
Spring Slayer silver

Casting recommendations

 Cast the L'il Nib into surface feeding fish. Let it drop to desired depth and retrieve with smooth pulls of 2 to 4 feet // ½ meter to 1½ meters. Pause between pulls allowing the lure to free bail.

Jigging recommendations

 Lower the L'il Nib to the depth at which the fish are feeding. Typically just beneath surface feed or just above "haystacks" of feed on the bottom. Raise the rod tip 3 to 4 feet // 1 meter then drop quickly to allow the lure to flutter freely of its own. Most Strikes will occur during this free fall. If you feel an unnatural bump or tap your reaction should be to quickly jerk the rod to set the hook. Bottom fishing is very successful but try to keep the lure a minimum of 3 feet / 1 meter above the bottom then commence jigging.

Marketing Info

Supertackle / Superflea Marketing is a global retailer of Lil' Nib inventions and fishing products.

For wholesale orders please contact John Noble directly at
John Noble 250-751-8121
L'il Nib on Facebook

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Nanaimo - British Columbia - Canada
Tel: 250-716-1982
Manager and Order Desk : Marty James
Postal: 588 Rosehill St. Nanaimo BC, Canada V9S 1E6
Slave : Matt James
10:00 am - 11:00 pm Pacific Standard Time - 7 days a week

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