Cart Instructions

Create a permanent account through the link provided on left side of every page.
account step 1

Fill out the form then click the "Create Account" button found below the form.
account step 2

Once your permanent account is established you can 'Login' to use the 'Cart'.
account step 3

The 'Cart' will appear only when you are logged in.
"My Account" and "Order History" will appear in the upper right panel.
account step 4


A: Add items to the cart by choosing a quantity.
B: Click the Add/Modify button to input the item to the cart.
C: The item will appear in the cart once the item is inputted.
A and B can also be used to subtract quantities of products from the cart.
D: Click the Checkout Now to view the subtotals of the invoice.
account step 6

The Checkout Now button will take you to the Place Order page.
You can continue shopping at this point, the invoice is not final at this point.
Editing quantities on this page is also possible by clicking on a selected item.
If satisfied with the order you can click 'Place the Order'
If you want to discontinue the shopping session you can 'Log Out' from the upper right panel.
account step 7

Place the Order will direct you to the Paypal page.
Determine the authenticity of the Paypal page by checking the address bar and seeing https (secure)
account step 10

For retail US and Canadian customers: The Place Order button will take you to Paypal payment page.
If you wish to pay a different method: Place the order then contact us with the payment details.
Paypal is our only method of credit card payments.

International customers will be provided with a shipping quote prior to finalizing the payment.
account step 8

If you were not able to complete the Paypal transaction:
Return to your Supertackle account and manage the order from the Order History panel.
account step 9

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Phone in an order or pay with a credit card.
Tel: 1-250-716-1982
10:00 am - 9:00 pm Pacific Standard Time - 7 days a week
588 Rosehill St. Nanaimo BC, Canada V9S 1E6
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