L'il Nib salmon fishing jigs for salmon, bass and rockfish.

L'il Nib

Fishing lures for reef casting or jigging salmon or bottomfish.

Examples of Lil Nib lead fishing jigs

Lure specifications:
2oz - 60 grams
3.5 inch - 9 cm body.
Plus a few 3.3 ounce patterns available
Decal choices of glow in the dark, silver or gold tape.
Molded jig lead body with precision bends.
Ultra violet red gill paint.
Eagle Claw chrome plated, barbed treble hook.
Lil Nib fishing lure profile
3.3 ounce - Click Here

Humpy Special .75 ounce - Click Here

Color patterns:
Lil Nib fishing lures

Casting recommendations
 Cast the L'il Nib into surface feeding fish. Let it drop to desired depth and retrieve with smooth pulls of 2 to 4 feet or ½ meter to 1½ meters. Pause between pulls allowing the lure to free fall to tease agressive predator fish.

Jigging recommendations
 Lower the L'il Nib to the depth at which the fish are feeding. Typically just beneath surface feed or just above a school of feed. Raise the rod tip 3 to 4 feet or 1 meter then drop quickly to allow the lure to flutter freely of its own. Most Strikes will occur during this free fall. If you feel an unnatural bump or tap your reaction should be to quickly jerk the rod to set the hook. Bottom fishing is very successful but try to keep the lure a minimum of 3 feet or 1 meter above the bottom then commence jigging.

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