DJ's Googly Eyed Wild Things salmon trolling lures.

DJ's "Googly Eyed Wild Things" salmon trolling lures

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  • Overall lure length 3" / 7.5 cm
  • Weight 3 grams
  • Ultra violet soft and hard plastics.
  • 3D eyes, micro rattles.
  • Leader length: 36" // 90 cm
  • Hook type: Supertackle Zap octopus beak, barbed, black nickel 4/0 or 5/0
  • Target species is salmon.
  • Proven fishing grounds: Coast of British Columbia, southern Alaska, Washington and Oregon.

      DJ's suggested leader length can be found on each package of Googly Eyes. These lures have been tested with a flasher setup 8" or 11". The lure action is determined by factors such as boat speed, current and leader length. The leader length is the distance of line used between the flasher and the lure.

    Fishing tips:

    The Googly Eyes are available in many color patterns with select ultra violet pigments and some are glow in the dark.

    Red Heads - GS001 Sockeye Lure, GS002 Chum Meister, GS008 Slick as Snot, GS011 Purple Haze, GS024 Mountie.
    These universal salmon patterns work very well from the surface down to about 50 feet.
    If it is overcast and early in the morning I often run the GS008
    Change over to the GS001 when the sky brightens up a bit.
    The GS001 is the lure of choice for Sockeye and the GS002 for Chum.
    My favorite flasher is a purple blade with gold foil on slightly overcast days. Otherwise use any red based flasher.

    Green Heads - GS003 Spring Thing, GS009 Stipple Back Spring Thing, GS018 Feeling Blue Spring Thing.
    Use at all depths for sockeye and Cohoe over 50 to past 100 feet. Use an O'Ki Betsy or any green flasher.

    Luminescent heads - GS005 Deep Diver, GS016 Tiger Prawn, GS019 RVP Special, GS022 Cop Car.
    Use these near the surface at morning twilight and as the sun comes up gradually lower the gear down as the salmon retreat into deeper water. You can charge the beads by shining a light on them for several minutes before dropping them down. Use with any glow in the dark flasher.

    Blue heads - GS017 Moonwalker, GS020 Alberni Special, GS021 Stamp River Special, GS028 Blue Haze.
    Use these near the surface on bright days to catch spring and coho.
    Use a blue 8 inch flasher with a short leader for coho. You get a lot more fight with the lighter gear.

    Fluorescent hyacinth heads GS015 Tequila Sunrise.

    Chartreuse Head - GS007 Yellow Sissy.
    Use this pattern below the 50 foot mark on very bright days. This is a deadly pattern for catching Sockeye and Spring salmon in low light conditions. The lure head is ultra violet fluorescent which is the highly visible in low light depths. We suggest to use any O'Ki yellow or green flasher with this pattern.

    DJ's Pro Guide tips:

    - Match the flasher colour with that of the lure. For instance use a Purple Haze pattern flasher with our GS011 purple haze lure.
    - Stick a toothpick in the nose of the lure and break it off flush. This will allow you to pin the lure slightly ahead of the hook so that the hook winds up at the end of the legs. This improves bites and sometimes if you lose the hook you may be able to recover the lure.
    - Always keep a few pre-tied replacement leaders with you.


    Hayley and Dave 2014 fishing near Winter Harbour on Vancouver Island.
    Caught on Googly Eye Wild Things GS018, GS001, and GS017.
    Salmon catch at winter Harbor

    DJ - Jamie Evans with 23 and 25 pound Springs on GS001 and a GS018
    Santa Claus fishing

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