O'Ki 11" PURPLE ONION / GLOW Big Shooter Salmon Fishing Flasher

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O'Ki Purple Onion Glow fishing flasher.
Manufacturer: O'Ki
UV: ¤¤¤
Glow: ¤¤¤
UPC: 779160107309

O'Ki 11" PURPLE ONION / GLOW Big Shooter Salmon Fishing Flasher

O'Ki Tackle Mfg. Ltd.
11" Big Shooter Flasher
"Purple Onion"

Obverse is same as front but with laminated glow stripe down the center.

Attract-or ~ Lure Leader ~ Full rotation flasher
For use with weighted line or down rigger as flasher, stack & false flasher.
Designed as slow troll for Pinks, Sockeye, Coho, Chinook, King, Tyee, Black-mouth
Can be used in salt or freshwater.
Easily rigged with leader & lure.
Quality components include primary ball bearing swivel & welded rings.
Note the extended life bushings & quick release leader clip.
Tapes & finishes are the best quality.
Proudly made in Sidney, British Columbia.
Please check our listings for other patterns & sizes.

"Understanding the Science" by O'Ki Tackle

Many tackle manufacturers have produced lures and attractors without fully understanding the reasons why they have or have not worked successfully. Flashers designed and manufactured by O’Ki Tackle Mfg. Ltd. continue to exhibit the highest degree of sophistication, incorporating the three “keys” to tackle effectiveness – ultra-violet light, fluorescence and phosphorescence.

Convinced of the super effectiveness and importance of ultra-violet light, O’Ki Tackle Mfg. Ltd. has developed specialized color additives, while utilizing plastic resins that have a higher optical clarity and refractive index. Factors such as these give O’Ki products more “edge glow” while displaying a much stronger and brilliant color.

O’Ki Tackle Mfg. Ltd. flashers and lures “fluoresce” or emit visible light more than any other similar product; paints and colorants have been carefully formulated in order to maximize the conversion of energy that occurs when ultra-violet (normally filtered out by the human eye) falls upon an object.This light is absorbed and re-radiated as longer wavelengths of exceptionally strong color.

This explains why fluorescent colors appear brighter than normal colors and why they appear stronger under low light conditions.Of equal importance is phosphorescence or light without heat.Phosphorescence is that ”glow in the dark” phenomenon exhibited in seawater by zoo-plankton and phytoplankton when the bio luminescence continues to glow after the ultra-violet light source has been removed. The glow slowly fades and is no longer visible to the human eye after several seconds, minutes or hours, but is detectable by the eyes of a fish.

A thorough understanding of the science behind these natural occurrences enabled O’Ki Tackle Mfg. Ltd., to produce the first ”all glow” plastic flasher and a series of glow flashers that are uniquely decorated with highly ultra-violet paints.These paints actually glow their own color when applied to the plastic body.

With product knowledge, understanding and complete control of manufacturing and product quality, O’Ki Tackle Mfg. Ltd., continues to set the standard for the tackle industry.

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