BEADS Fishing 3mm to 12mm assorted luminous

CLIPPERS for mono line , glowing lanyard

LureCharge Downrigger Electric Field Generators

Pocket Knives

Rod Tip Replacements

ROD WRAPS - Velcro organizers

SPREADER BARS Stainless Steel Halibut

Supertackle Fishing Line Crimps


2" - 2¼" PIA BLADES

2" - 2½" PAL salmon trolling spoons

2¼" Gibbs FST salmon trolling spoons

3" Magic Lure EAT ME Stainless Steel salmon trolling spoons

3.25" Lighthouse GLO luminous salmon spoons

3.25" Magic Lure Spoons salmon fishing lures

3.5" LureCharge Spoons .65 Volt sz salmon lures

3.75" Lighthouse GLO luminous salmon spoons

3.75" Magic Lure 45 SPECIAL spoons salmon fishing lures

4" LureCharge Spoons .65 Volt sz salmon lures

4.5" Lighthouse GLO luminous salmon spoons

4.5" Magic Lure MOTHER SUPERIOR Spoons Stainless Steel commercial salmon lures

ANTIQUE - NEW OLD STOCK Salmon Trolling Spoons

Luhr Jensen

11" Gibbs Delta Fishing Flashers

11" Hot Spot Salmon Fishing Flashers

11" Lighthouse G.L.O. luminous downrigger fishing flashers

11" O'Ki Big ShOOter Fishing Flashers

4" GIBBS DELTA Kokanee Dog Tail Dodger

4" to 8" Kokanee Lingcod & Salmon Dodgers

5" O'Ki Micro Kokanee Flashers & Ling Cod Lures

8" O'Ki 'Lil ShOOter Salmon Flashers

Assorted Salmon Flashers

Willow Leaf Lake Trolls - metal blades

1½" Supertackle Mini OCTO HOOCHIE 10/pk

3" - 5" BAITRIX solid molded soft plastic herring & anchovy

3" Supertackle OCTO HOOCHIE skirts 5/pk

3" Supertackle SUPER BEATLE molded squid 5/pk

4" Supertackle Fathead OCTO HOOCHIE 5/pk

4" Supertackle SUPER BEATLE molded squids

4½" Lighthouse OCTO HOOCHIE 5/pk

4½" Supertackle SKINNY BOY luminous needlefish 5/pk

4¾" Supertackle OCTO HOOCHIE 5/pk

6" Supertackle EZ RIG molded squid

6" Supertackle Fathead OCTO HOOCHIE Luminous big eye 3/pk

6½" Supertackle GET REEL squid hoochies 3/pks

7" Lighthouse OCTO HOOCHIE luminous 5/pks

7½ Supertackle BLOODY HELL - luminous double skirts 2/pk

7½" Supertackle OCTO HOOCHIE 2/pk

8½" Supertackle OCTO HOOCHIE 2/pk

9" Lighthouse Big Game Squid, DIY LED strobe & hook kit

9" Lighthouse Big Game UV molded gumy squid


MATZUO hooks

MUSTAD hooks

Supertackle ZAP CIRCLE Hooks - Big game stainless steel

Supertackle ZAP Leaders - Bait & artificial lure

Supertackle ZAP OCTOPUS Beak Hooks

Supertackle ZAP SIWASH Kirbed Hooks

ZAP Hooks Tuna Turkey barbless twin

ZAP Leaders - Halibut & Ling Cod

Art Designed Cards with envelopes

Art Print - Benjamin Chee Chee

Art Prints - Bill Reid

Art Prints - Joe Wilson

Art Prints - Mitch Masyk

Art Prints - MW James

Totem Earrings

Totem Key Ring

Totem Necklaces

Totem Pin Back Brooch

FLASHLIGHT Lighthouse UV LED - Luminescent lure charger

LED FISHING LIGHTS Lighthouse lure luminators

LURES 4¾" Lighthouse LED trolling hoochies with strobing LED inserts

LURES 7" & 9" Lighthouse MONSTER LED Fishing Squids

LURES Supertackle BLOODY HELL 240 lb, UV LED, 9/0 hooks

Pirate's Den Strobing LED hoochie inserts

.75 oz - 1 oz PINKS Casting & jigging lead

14 oz Lighthouse MEGA BITE HERRING Deep drop lead jigs

14 oz Lighthouse MEGA BITE Lead head, shad tail jigs + 2 extra tails, jig or troll

1½ oz Magic Lure FLUTTERBY Lead jigging lures

1¾ oz 48gm Lighthouse SUPER LURE Lead head, shad tail + extra tail, jig or troll

2 Oz Lil Nib Slack tide reef lures. lead fishing jigs

2½ oz Magic Lure MARVELOUS lead jigging lures

3 oz Magic Lure SALMON SLAYER lead jigging lures

3.3 Oz Lil Nib LURE Casting & jigging lead

3½ oz 100 gm Supertackle Glow Jigs

4½ oz Magic Lure SALMON SLAYER lead jigging lures

5 oz 140 gm Supertackle Glow Jigs

6 oz Magic Lure SALMON SLAYER lead jigging lures

8 oz Magic Lure SALMON SLAYER lead jigging lures

Assorted Brands

Gibbs Delta

Oleshak Custom tied fishing lures




JUGHEAD SHAKER - Large rigged bait head with leader

JUGHEAD SHAKER - Medium rigged bait head with leader

JUGHEAD SHAKER - Small rigged bait head with leader

JUGHEAD SHAKER - XL rigged bait head with leader

JUGHEAD SHAKER HEADS - for bait & lures, 5 sizes, multi pk


O'Ki ANCHOVY CLASSIC Lure & Bait Heads 3/pk

O'Ki CRAZY 8 Lure Action Enhancer 3/pk

ROSS Swimmer Head, salmon trolling hoochie actionizers

SCOTT PLASTICS Butterflies, salmon trolling hoochie actionizers

Tuning wires & head pins

WIGGLEFIN Bait & Lure Action Heads 6/pk

3" & 4" Lighthouse BEAR CLAW hard plastic trolling lure

3" Dj's custom tied GOOGLY EYED WILD THING salmon lures

3" Supertackle JACK FLASH swiveled siwash hoochies 2/pk

3½" to 6½" CUSTOM TIED Salmon Hoochies

3¾" O'Ki CURLY'S PERMASTRIP hard plastic trolling lure

4.5" Lighthouse salmon hoochies with leader

4¾" Supertackle BARB WIRE hoochies HD SS wire 2/pk

5½" O'Ki CURLY'S PERMASTRIP hard plastic trolling lure

Classic Salmon Trolling Flies - Bucktail Hair

Hot Spot Apex


Lighthouse ARTICULATED Herring Lures

Lurecharge VOLT hoochie with .65 volt anode

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