10" to 14" Supertackle OCTO HOOCHIE skirt

1½" Supertackle Mini OCTO HOOCHIE 10/pk

3" - 5" BAITRIX solid molded soft plastic herring & anchovy

3" Supertackle OCTO HOOCHIE skirts 5/pk

3" Supertackle SUPER BEATLE molded squid 5/pk

4" Supertackle Fathead OCTO HOOCHIE 5/pk

4" Supertackle SUPER BEATLE molded squids

4½" Lighthouse OCTO HOOCHIE 5/pk

4½" Supertackle SKINNY BOY luminous needlefish 5/pk

4¾" Supertackle OCTO HOOCHIE 5/pk

6" Supertackle EZ RIG molded squid

6" Supertackle Fathead OCTO HOOCHIE Luminous big eye 3/pk

6½" Supertackle GET REEL squid hoochies 3/pks

7" Lighthouse OCTO HOOCHIE luminous 5/pks

7½ Supertackle BLOODY HELL - luminous double skirts 2/pk

7½" Supertackle OCTO HOOCHIE 2/pk

8½" Supertackle OCTO HOOCHIE 2/pk

9" Lighthouse Big Game Squid, DIY LED strobe & hook kit

9" Lighthouse Big Game UV molded gumy squid

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