7" Jughead SQUID Shaker GLOW ALLIGATOR Salmon 'n Halibut Lure

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7 inch alligator hoochie by Jughead
Manufacturer: JugHead
UV: ¤¤¤¤
Glow: ¤¤¤¤
UPC: 835749000550

7" Jughead SQUID Shaker GLOW ALLIGATOR Salmon 'n Halibut Lure

Designed for salmon and halibut trolling in the pacific northwest. The skirt is a Kajiki shell squid pattern with spatter back green over chartreuse and a glow white belly. The lure is also highly ultra violet.

Inner rig is compiled of glow beads, multiple link rolling chain swivel and 5/0 siwash barbed salmon hook. Mono line is 6' line of 40 pound test.

Head can also be used as a bait leader that is designed to give a swim action. This is a low speed weightless unit that will require a trolling weight system or downrigger.

It is suggested to use a dummy flasher on a downrigger. This enables you to clip this lure's leader directly to a downrigger clip at 30 feet.

$5.82 CAD / 4 available

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