Learning matted print by Benjamin Chee Chee #9579

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Learning by Benjamin Chee Chee
Manufacturer: Canadian Art Prints

Learning matted print by Benjamin Chee Chee #9579

Open Edition art print (not signed). Benjamin Chee Chee.

Born in Temagami, Ontario, Chee Chee largely taught himself to draw and paint. His father died when he was two months old and he lost track of his mother. One reason behind his drive for success as a painter was his ambition to be reunited with her.

He was a prominent member of the second generation of Woodland Indian painters, a native art movement that began in the early nineteen-sixties and has since become one of the important art schools in Canada.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, he painted in a style influenced by modern abstraction. While most of the young Woodland Indian artists were content to follow the style of the movement's founder, Norval Morrisseau, in depicting myths and legends by direct and "primitive" narrative means, Chee Chee pursued a more economical graphic style, a reduction of line and image more in keeping with the mainstream of international modern art.

At the age of thirty-two and at the height of a new-found success as an artist and print maker, Chee Chee died tragically by committing suicide.

Print size is 8" x 10. Overall matted frame size is common 11" x 14"
Matting color is bevel cut to precision off white.

Includes; print, matting, backing & mylar sleeve. Back includes a panel with a short biography.
Shipped in core plast sleeve.

$21.75 CAD / 15 available

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