.75" NANO Jughead Shaker - GREEN SPATTERBACK GLOW bait & lure heads 4/pk

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Jughead Shaker Nano Splatterback glow green fishing lure. Action head for trolling for kokanee, trout and salmon.
Manufacturer: JugHead
UV: ¤¤¤¤¤
Glow: ¤¤¤¤
UPC: 835749001533

.75" NANO Jughead Shaker - GREEN SPATTERBACK GLOW bait & lure heads 4/pk

Green Splatterback Glow - ultraviolet Nanos.

The Nano head is about the size of a US or Canadian quarter. The threading of line is simply through the middle. The type of bait used includes flies, hoochie soft plastics, worms, Needlefish, Skinny Boys, bait and others. These are unweighted lures and will require a weight or downrigger. The action is a lifelike wiggle or swim motion. These can also be used behind a flasher or dodger to attract fish to the area.
The Jughead Shaker is a universal head is designed to add lifelike swim action for trolling. Proven in many areas for species of salmon, trout and kokanee.
These heads have been made by injection molding machines using tried & true materials. Research and developed by Jonson Lure Inc of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Weight : 1 grams
Target Species: Salmon, Kokanee, Bass, Cod, Brown Trout & Kokanee.

Package of 4

$7.78 CAD / 9 available

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